Well I have been working on plot and characters for a fan game based on the FNAF series, it is set in Australia some time after FNAF 3 since this restaurant chain purchases some parts from the now burnt down Fazbear's Fright. This means of course that there will be Australian animals to replace the characters of Bonnie, Freddy, Foxy and Chica (and the others as well) so far my ideas are in my DevientArt page just search for "Aussie-FNAF" and you will find it!. (I am not putting the link here so no one steals something! I can't be too careful!) please comment if you are interested in this, I really require programers and artists to help me create this!

Mate - Koala - Replaces Freddy as the main character
Skipper - Kookaburra - Replaces Chica
Nipper - Tasmanian Devil - Replaces Foxy
Boomer - Kangaroo - Replaces Bonnie

There are more characters (like a red back spider!) but this is of course just a taster! Please help me create this dream! :D It will be fun!

Oh before I forget this place sells food of course, but it also features a haunted house tunnel that children and adults can work through which has some animatronic characters in it that jump out at people, but they can't actually walk around like the food serving characters can! They are stuck on the ground so no one gets hurt by them.

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