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    1021th edit!

    November 16, 2015 by MyNameIsNotClyde

    I know, I've should'av do this on my 1000th edit, but hey! It's still a big number.

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  • MyNameIsNotClyde


    October 11, 2015 by MyNameIsNotClyde

    I had some problems.

    Really serious.

    No actually, not serious at.

    In fact, it is just... (Audiences: Shut up and get into the point!)guess the reference!

    Okay, okay, geez. Now, First of all ,something went wrong with Imgur. I cannot upload a photo or if I can, it cannot upload the full way and it was like:

    Oh my god, wwwhhhhhhyyyyyyyy????

    So yeah, I cannot upload images or gifs that are not FNAF related, It may be something with the China blocking access to places.

    K, off to second: Not annoucementic, can anyone or anything give me advice for wikia magic as such:

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  • MyNameIsNotClyde

    This is where I test imgur photos. I see how it goes.

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  • MyNameIsNotClyde

    What do you think there will be in FNaF4? You know, I actually think that there will be nightmare golden freddy! Do you think it's ture? Well, we can only find out during the next sneak peek and at halloween!

    Keep hyping guys!

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    A new era

    April 21, 2015 by MyNameIsNotClyde

    The time has come.

    A new era has rise!

    Where black and white empires fight against.

    Every black member say 'black rise!'

    Every white member say 'white rules!'

    Every grey member say 'grey hide!' (or anything else)

    Get all the members here so we knows who is what team!


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