• Mrpoodlebro

    1. People thing that fnaf is a sequel (I will post a later blog to look at both evidence and counters for FNAF 2 being a sequel or a prequel as well as looking at both storylines for both sequel wise AND prequel wise)

    2.people in fnaf who are idiots

    3.people who think that phone guy is the murderer (srsly there are still people like this?!)

    4. People who will dwell on over the fact that fnaf2 (might) is a prequel ex: zombiewarsSMT, smi(l)ke, 8-bit gaming, ECT. SERIOUSLY WE FUCKING GET ALREADY!!!

    5. The camera function

    6.bonnie being fetured as an enemy in FNAF somhow... Ex: fnaf2: Bonnie in there fnaf1: bonnie fnaf3: a spring bonnie..? (Springtrap)


    8.foxy being a "God" to all of the idiot ts who love him and thinks he a gold guy(SERIā€¦

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