aka The Boogeyman

  • I live in the darkest corner of your room
  • My occupation is making your nightmares come true
  • I am the monster under your bed
  • Mr.dead1


    June 4, 2015 by Mr.dead1

    Name: Proxy

    Nickname: Forgotten, Abandoned

    Age: Unknown

    Hated Anomitronics: Unknown

    Backstory: Before the children who went to Freddy Fazbear Family Pizzeria went missing, there was a forgotten anomitronic called Proxy. One night a old security guard was taking a midnight shift, he heard running footsteps he then closed the doors and heard a shriek. That night Proxy had lost his legs and was rejected by the employees the next day. Years passed and Proxys body started to break and Proxys exoskeleton showed along with the wires that used to be inside his body. No one ever remembered Proxy. And rumors have it that Proxy hatred and anger grew more and more. 

    This is a oc FNAF character.

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