As preposterous as it may sound, Freddy Fazbear and the Pizza Time Variety Band & Assc. will be travelling to 1776... somehow. I intend to formulate this roleplay on July 3rd - July 5th, and they will meet John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and others. One (Balloon Boy) may perish on the battlegrounds..

This will be similar (Possibly a crossover) with the musical film 1776 (, and will, as stated above, have at least one character death!

So take up arms for your Godly colonies, men! (Unless you are an atheist, or you are a woman, or you are.. (-Several hours later-))

In other Twainiac news...

William Shakespeare will meet the animatronics! (Again...)

Instead, our dear poet will come to Freddy Fazbear's (somehow), and hilarity will ensue.

Is a Team Fortress roleplay in the works of Twain's Twisted Mind? 



At any rate, I also intend to celebrate my 7,000th post with a (Comedy) Roast. Message me for details.

Good night* all.

~Mr. Mark Twain

  • Insert Dawn, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, or Dusk at your risk.

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