Ladies and gentlemen.

I am sad- no, sickened.

Sickened at the behaviour I have seen.

True, I know there are many good people upon this wikia, many of whom I have the fortune of knowing -

However, there are many who are simply rude.

Just this evening, I observed someone say to another that their opinion was -

"...wrong and stupid."

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask of you! What behaviour is this?! Would Mr. Cawthon approve?

I have seen comments brimming over with insults, and unkindness.

I know in this day and age of independency, angst, and moral lows, rudeness is inevitable - however, can we not change?

I challenge others who read this to send a kind message to someone - anyone! Who knows, it could brighten someone's day.

Let us show others that the FNaF fandom is not just a group of amateur writers, theorists, and encyclopaediacs - nay, let us show them that the FNaF fandom is a group of people who wish to enlighten, inspire, and make people happy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I do not tend to rant and ramble on like this - but, in my humble opinion - this needed to be addressed.

Thank you.

- Mr. Mark Twain

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