Wel, well. The FNaF movie. What a suprise. Too bad it is a game movie, so it is going to suck - OR WILL IT?!

First of all, I just want to say that I have seen GOOD game movies: Recident Evil and Halo 4. However, people say that these movies are bad. Why? Because the story in the movie does not resemble the story in the game, but I have seen these movies before I knew they were videogames. I liked 'em. Then, what is my point? 

1. The movie is going to be made for people who have never heard about FNaF. The movie is just an expansion of the franchise. Try letting a friend of yours who has never heard about FNaF before watch it. Your friend's opinon is more true and honest than yours.

2. We don't know what the story behind Freddy Fazbear's pizza is yet. If it turns out that the five children was just trying to warn you about the dangerous Purple Man, it would work! If the Purple Man was tricked in to killing those children, let it be it! We don't know the story from the beginning, so we can't criticize the story on the screen.

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