You play like noobs! Or you have been playn like noobs.

This is theory. I don't got FNaF 2 myself so I can't prove this, but as i said, it's a theory.

In FNaF 2, Isn,t it weird that the animatronics ALWYS stare at the camera when they walk away from the stage, cove or whatever. In FNaF 1 they don't do that. Phone guy said that all the animatronics resets when you use a flashlight on em. And this flashlight happen to be attached to your camera! And have you heard that some animatroics have happend to walk back to the stage?

What do imean with this? Well, let's imagine a situation:

Toy Freddy in the main area! What do you do? Flash the light at him rapidetly and he will walk back to the stage! Congrats! You used the secret defense mechanism!

Sorry for Grammar.

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