In Fnaf 3 there are minigames. Just like the other games.

In the minigame after night 5 where Phone Guy stuffs himself in a suit, controlled by the dead children, he dies and the children dissappear...

But what if the mini games happened BEFORE the events in fnaf 3?

If you get the "Bad Ending" the children aren't resting in peace, could that mean that the phantoms in fnaf 3 are the children from the bad ending? And Phone Guy is doomed to roam as Springtrap? While dead?

There is this rare death screen or something where you can see a (dead?) burnt body in springtrap.

Then I saw a brilliant comment by The 23rd Devil stating:

"Question, you know how when springtrap kills purple guy he just sits on the floor twitching in a puddle of his own blood? i was thinking, the only other time you see him move like that is in the trailer. So in the trailer is the ghost of purple guy re-living his death?"

Just another reason to back up my theory that the minigames are before Fnaf 3.

Conclusion: The events of fnaf 3 is what happened after the Bad Ending you get, the spirit of Phone Guy is possessing Springtrap, the children still are not in peace and possess the Phantom Animatronics....

But hey, it's just a theory, a fnaf theory

To Scott, you are simply brilliant! You make amazing games! Keep up the good work :DD

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