Hey guys, this is the Theory of Everything 4!

I'll be summarizing what I've discussed before first, so you would get the idea.

Fazbear Entertainment is Illuminati, and they have tests in their labs. They tests their bots, if they could see hallucinations. Their plan is to hallucinate the world.

So, this theory will be focusing on the Illuminati's leader. His/her identity.

Let's see. The Illuminati has kept their dangerous abomination, their very first project, into a Safe Room, and sealed it with fake walls. Now, anyone who knows this room could be the leader, as this room is only mentioned to select people.

Is it the Purple Guy? No. Is it BB? No.

Then who it is?

It is, the owner of Fredbear's Family Diner. He started Illuminati, and when he sold it to Fazbear Entertainment, they were infected by the Illuminati.

Who is the owner of Fredbear's Family Diner? It is, and it can only be, Fredbear himself. AKA Golden Freddy. He has hallucinating powers, which, can hypnotize people. That's how he hypnotized Fazbear Entertainment.

So, we need to prepare for the Illuminati. We need to know, WHEN, and WHERE will they start their plan.

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