Now, I'm going to discuss the plan of Illuminati. Before, I've discussed that Fazbear Entertainment is Illuminati, and they have tested many things. They have a plan, because they have tested many things, right? Their tests would be useless if they don't have plans.

Now, let's get to the topic.

The posters made by children in FNaF 2. Some of them are Mangle posters which are pink. PURELY PINK. And in those Mangle posters, Mangle is MUCH MORE mangled, because she was detached from the body, whereas in-game, she wasn't. 

There are also posters of Golden Freddy and the old animatronics, which, would be impossible, for they are stamped with 'MY NEW DAY AT FREDDY FAZBEAR'S PIZZA'. 

In FNaF 1, the posters are very weird. Not only they lack costume eyes, only endoskeleton eyes, they also had a Springtrap poster. A very discolored Springtrap poster. (Because it looks like Springtrap. Let's assume it's a Springtrap poster) There is also a poster of Freddy ripping his head, and a poster of a crying child at the East Hall.

Now, in FNaF 3, there is a poster of a Golden Cupcake, and a normal cupcake, which replaces the Toy Bonnie one.

Now, that leads me to this:

Illuminati plans to hallucinate the world, which makes them see things very differently. What about the endoskeleton? How are the 2 related? They tested endoskeletons, to see if the hallucination works at them, and yes, it does work on them. 

But Bh0Xc5z, you said that the pizzeria was really a lab. Yes it is. It is both a pizzeria and a lab. During nighttime, they test the endoskeletons, while they entertain chilren during daytime. That's why it is a pizzeria.

Whenever the company makes posters, and the children too, draw things, they hallucinate, that's why they see things differently. One may see Freddy as Golden Freddy, and one may see a Bonnie as Springtrap, and another may see Chica more bird-like.

Very convincing, isn't it? But here's the question. Who leads Illuminati. Who is the leader, or perhaps, leaders, of this organization? Stay tuned for the next theory!

Top 10 Facts About Toy Chica's Bib:

1. It is white

2. It has "LET'S PARTY!"

3. It has confetti

4. It has multiple colors

5. It is worn on her chest

6. It is inspired by Chica's bib

7. Toy Chica wears it all the time

8. It's a bib

9. It's a costume

10. It is attached to her body

Stay tuned for the fourth theory and Top 10s!

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