Okay, so I've settled in my first theory that everything related to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is Illuminati.

But this time, this theory will be very different. (Pls. Don't Take Seriously)


What if... you really are an endoskeleton? You don't play as a human, but an endoskeleton? And what if, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza isn't really a restaurant, just a test site?

"But the characters are named!" - The endoskeletons can be named. They can name it "Fritzgerald Schmith", "Jeremidt Mikegeraldz", or anything.

Also, note that your movements aren't too human. It's like a camera moving left, right, left, right.

What about the checks, and the notes? They could be forged.

What about Phone Guy? Phone Guy speaks clearly. Maybe the endoskeletons can recognize the words, and input it.

Also, you can't press the vent light button while sitting on a chair! The endoskeleton can have a remote, which allows it to turn the light on without touching it.

Also, you play the audio and the music box by remote. NOT BY CLICKING THE MONITOR.

What about the hallucinations? They could be glitches, because, you know, they were tampered. And probably when they see something they glitch out, making them malfunction, and, crash the game itself.

We all know that animatronics will try to stuff endoskeletons in suits, right? So in FNaF 1, what if, the eyes of 'Mike' were just designed eyes? You know, to look realistic.

Also, in FNaF 2, your eyes don't get out. Because you really fit inside the suit. You are an endoskeleton. Freddy heads are too large, your nose should be seen through the eye holes.

In FNaF 3, once Springtrap goes to you, it sends a signal, which, errors you, and causes a Game Over.

What about the dizziness you experience when you get jumpscared by phantoms? It's their programming. 

How about breathings? Programming too.

So, how is this related to Illuminati?

The Illuminati is trying to formulate a great plan... Which we don't know of yet.


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