Hello guys, this is one of the best theories that I will present to everyone.

Before we start, I want for everyone to know that there is something very buggy about Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

Looking at Bonnie's backstage appearance, (The creepy one) we can see that he has 3 front teeth.

Chica has a triangular-shaped beak, and has a bib with stylized pizza slices, which are triangles. Her bib also says on the last "EAT" which has 3 letters.

Freddy has 3 dots per uh, IDK the term, but, has 3 dots in what appears to be cheeks? IDK. Formed like a triangle. The same applies to Golden Freddy.

Foxy's ears look like a triangle. And he has an eyepatch. If he closes it, it will only reveal one eye.

Are you following me? Let's go to FNaF 2.

BB has a triangular nose, and has 3 teeth on his lower jaw.

Toy Freddy and Toy Bonnie also have these dots that I mentioned with Freddy in FNaF 1 earlier.

Toy Chica has a triangular-shaped beak. Also, it is noticeable that everyone (except for BB and The Puppet) have 3 toes per foot. Also, she has 3 strayed 'feathers' above her head. And the bib, too. Stylized pizzas.

Mangle has 3 eyes. Her endoskeleton head, her costume head, and the one at the Kid's Cove that disappears when she's gone. Also, she has 3 colors. White, Pink, and Red.

The Puppet has 3 buttons in its chest.

Bonnie and Freddy have 3 things on their chest. A ribbon and 2 buttons.

Chica's beak is triangular, and she also has the stylized slices on her bib.

Foxy has 3 colors. (except the endoskeleton) Red, Bright Red, and Brown.

Golden Freddy has 3 open spots. His 2 eyes, and his mouth.

See the compelling evidence? Here's in FNaF 3.

The phantoms apply with their non-phantom counterparts.

Springtrap has 3 very severed parts. One of his ear, and his 2 feet.

Do you need more? About the places and the franchise.

Cam 3 is the Supply Closet.  There is a single lightbulb, which, looks like an eye. Also, there are chemicals which are grouped to 3. There are 2 groups.

In FNaF 2 it's the Party Room 3. It has the number 3. Party Room 3 has 3 states. (IDK the term) It can be that the room is empty, or it has Toy Bonnie, or it has Freddy.

In FNaF 3 it's the of course, Cam 3. It is connected to 3 areas. Cam 04, Cam 02, and, since it is the same room with Cam 04, we can assume it is connected with the upper part of Cam 02.

Have you seen the compelling evidences? I can conclude something.


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