This fandom is like a person. It grows stronger and stronger, but gets weaker as it becomes old. And soon, it will die, and it will be remembered by many people. But that person will still be loved by others.

This wiki is like a school year. We encounter various kinds of people, good or bad. We face many challenges. We are taught new things everyday. And the school year will come to an end. People say goodbyes, and move on, however, some people will still remain, and continue their lives there. Another generation will start.

The games are like Springtrap. He was loved by people before, and probably are still loved by people. He was however, left to dust. For so long. He also caused trouble. But he was revived. Who knows, people might revive these games on the following years!

The games are also like the old animatronics. They were made, loved by people, but also caused trouble. As they were left, they made new ones, (copycats, not fan-games) and the new ones were loved, but not much. They were soon left to dust, after a short time, and the old ones were revived. As I've said, these games might be revived!

The games are made out of pure intelligence, and is made by an intelligent person. There might be people who will leave the fandom, but don't worry! People will still come, and some people might remain. And who knows? There might be a second generation of the fandom!

The fandom is like the whole franchise. They started out small. But, they grew bigger and bigger, but also faced bigger problems. They made communities on different sites! (Sister Location) They soon became smaller, and were left to dust. However, people might revive the games, and the fandom might come back! (Fazbear's Fright)

Don't lose hope, enjoy your life in this wikia while all of us are still here! All of our moments here (Well, except worthless moments) are precious! Let's enjoy the fandom while we still can! The fandom is not yet dead, and will never be dead. As people leave, people come in, and some people stay. This fandom will go running, and there will be newer generations! 

EDIT: Lol how did this get on the Popular Blog Posts?

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