Some users are already deciding to leave the wikia...

Some fans are deciding to leave the fandom...

Whatever happens, let's stay strong.

I asked before: Are you leaving the wikia?

0 to yes, and 22 to no.

The fans will stay strong, and will always be strong, no matter what happens. 

I, myself, will stay here in this wikia, and I mean it. This wikia, and the fandom, and the games, have given me a new life. A better life. That's why I'll stay, and stay strong, in this wikia. Even if I join other wikias, I'll still be here, no matter what. (Well, if I'm not active then it's school)

For those who will leave, permanently or temporarily:

Is someone bothering you? Are you leaving because somene hated you? Well, in your heart, you still know that there are people who care, and who love you. The people whom you're friends with. Will you feed the hater, the ones/s that doesn't love you, or your friends, the one cares and love you?

Pick wisely. I can't change your decision. It's your decision. I'm just giving my advice. You, yourself, you know it, you have contributed to this wikia, big or small. They are still contributions. (Except vandalism, spams, etc.)

For once again, are you leaving the wikia/fandom?

The poll was created at 06:57 on April 23, 2015, and so far 22 people voted.

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