Oh no, I have messed it up. The title should be "Stay Strong".

Okay, so, before, when FNaF 2 was very popular, let's say, early Novermber? There were a lot of people in this wiki. Yes, users, and anons, combined, there were a lot.

Then, sometime November, or December, I was still an anon at that time, comments were removed from the pages. I think it was done to remove spam and other things. That heavily changed the wikia. I know nothing about wikias, so I only realized that there were forums when I made my account.

Then, majority of us decided to do something (IDK the term) to the anons, so they won't vandalize the pages. They can't edit. They can't comment on the forums. I've never seen them. That's when major changes happened. That was the time when lesser people vandalized pages, lesser spams, and much more. If the bad anons still decided to make accounts and do bad things, it will be easier for admins, since the usernames aren't the same. Unlike the anons, whose IP addresses are different, and always have the same name. "A Wikia Contributor".

Then, FNaF 3 came out, and after the discovery of it probably being the last game of the series, the fandom eventually became inactive and inactive as days went. I haven't seen any theory videos anymore. I didn't see new fansongs. I didn't see new fan-games.

Majority of the users here are probably Roleplayers or Gamers, and probably Chatters.

Now, chat will be removed, and I think majority of the users will be gone.

I really hope that they wouldn't leave, because we have already established a fine community. This wiki is running fine, and is probably one of the most active wikis, because there are a lot of users.

Me, even if people will leave, won't leave. I won't leave, because this game, this fandom, and this wiki changed my life. They have done something good to me.

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