Okay, so yeah, you might be spouting out "Get over it, people have different opinions," etc., but...

I'll start.

Why are the haters even paying attention to the games or fanbase? Haters can look through the wiki and such, but, why are they wasting their time, making "I Hate FNaF" videos and such? Why are they even downloading images, searching the wiki, and watching videos, like a normal fan? 

Why are they generalizing too much? "The fanbase is full of immature, illiterate, and idiotic 9 year olds" and such. I admit, the fanbase has a rabid side, but they are not immature, illiterate, and idiotic 9 year olds. Why do haters just assume they are like that? Why don't they see the good side of the fanbase? We did nothing to them, yet they do this to us.

Why don't they ignore us? They comment on FNaF videos, and such. They are allowed to, yes, but, why don't they ignore it? They continue their non-FNaF businesses, we continue our FNaF businesses.

Why do they judge the games through its fanbase? Just because we have children in our fanbase, does not mean that he games are for kids, and such. "Oh FNaF has a childish fanbase, the games should be for chidren!". A lot of haters just say that they hate the game because of it. Their reason should be from the games, not the fanbase. You hate FNaF because of its creepy story? Jumpscares? Animaal mascots and such? Fine. At least yiu hate a game because of a part of the game, not because of the fanbase.

And lastly, whether you are a fan or not, you don't have the right to tell what Scott should do. It's his games. You can suggest anything, but don't expect he'll put it on the games, no matter how good it is. I hate the "Scott shoud die" or "FNaF sucks it should die" or things like that. Yeah, they are opinions, but, it's Scott's games and decision. He wants to make FNaF X? Let him. If you don't care about the games anymore, then ignore.

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