So, uh, maybe we can hold another gender debate? Sorry for bringing this up again, I was SO bored, and I'm not seeing anything that interests me. In this debate, we will focus on the topics one by one. Let's say, we start at the appearance, and we will only focus on the appearance. We won't bring up other topics so we can focus. We can do this at the General Discussion Board, but I'll need participants. Minimum of 3 per side. But you can still join even if the debate has started. Just make sure to stick to the topic.

I'm not sure if people would join because, you know, they are getting sick. If you want to join, feel free. If you don't want, I understand.

The other debates are actually good, but, because the topics were discussed at once, maybe some can't concentrate.

For those who will join, sorry if this will only focus on the topics one by one. I don't want to be confused. I just need to assemble all evidences of each side.

FemMangle Side: Appearance, Ladies' Night, (More will be added)

Participants: Monokuma450, 

MAN-gle Side: Appearance, Phone Call, (More will be added)


Just tell me the evidences on each side.

Again, sorry for bringing this up. I was bored.

I'll start the thread once we already have enough participants, and I'll message you when the discussion begins. Please comment below what side you are on, so I can list the participants. Others may still join even if the discussion has started. 

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