Okay, so people are bringing up Mangle's Gender, and a lot of people are mad at them for bringing up.

Bringing up Mangle's Gender doesn't break the rules. Why not bring it up? Because animatronics are genderless? Despite the fact that they're only biologically genderless, and that Scott confirmed thay had genders? Or is it because genders aren't important? Despite the fact that her gender was debated? Because if her gender wasn't important, it wouldn't have been debated in the first place. ;)

Tell me, haters of this gender debate. What should we do in this wikia, where it's getting more inactive as days pass? 

All of us have various personalitites. Some of you want to roleplay, or play games. Some of you might only want to chat, or edit pages. Some of you might want to discuss theories, hang out with friends. And some of you want to debate.

If we want to debate, let us debate. It's not like it'll ruin your life or something like that. We are bored, and we want something to do. :(

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