How So IronicEdit

1. Freddy, Toy Freddy, and Old Freddy are the main mascots of the pizzeria, yet some of the most unpopular characters.

2. Bonnie, the one that gave the creator nightmares, is a complete opposite to most of the fanbase.

3. Toy Bonnie is a dude but looks a bit like a girl.

4. Did Fazbear Entertainment design Toy Chica to look so scary when she takes her eyes and beak off? I thought they were kid-friendly?

5. Foxy, the most annoying character, due to having the need of watching and flashlighting at him, is still the most loved.

6. Is Mangle really kid-friendly? She looks so creepy.

7. BB, the only real animatronic who can't kill you, yet the most hated character. Give him his precious love.

8. The Puppet, the thing in FNaF 2 that always needs to be paid attention. You need to wind the music box. Yet, it's still one of the least favored characters.

9. Phantom BB, the answer to BB's haters, is still hated. (They want a jumpscare)

10. The Bonnies are supposed to be cute, not some horrifying object.

11. Nightmare Chica. An animatronic based on an animal without teeth gained so much teeth that it has MORE teeth than the others.

12. Phone Guy. The most helpful character in the series, yet one of the least noticed humans.

13. Purple Guy. The main antagonist, will always have fans.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Fan Made Theme Song:

Come be a part of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

Play with Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy and Chica!

Spend your time with your family,

In this pizzeria joyfully!

Hooray! I'm Freddy, the singing happy teddy!

Yahoo! I'm Bonnie, the guitar-playing bunny!

Wahaa! I'm Chica, the chicken of your party!

A-harr! I'm Foxy, the pirate who loves booty!

If you want pizza, pasta or fried chicken,

You can always come back!

It does not matter whether you're a girl or a boy,

Because you can come here and smile with joy!

Hooray! Hey kids, come here, let's sing a song!

Yahoo! Hi children, is there a song that's long?

Wahaa! Hey girls, you want to eat a cupcake?

A-harr! Aboard the ship and let us go to the big lake!

Just sing along,

It won't be long,

Just eat the cake,

And drink the shake,

Just join our fun,

Till the sun goes down,

And you will be happy,

At Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

(I know, the song is crap)

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