Phone Guy says in FNaF 3, Night 4, that the suits are getting retired to an appropriate location. If it is getting retired to the one where Phone Guy is in that time, then why did he say to an appropriate location? Why not to this location?

In Night 6, FNaF 3, he mentions that the Safe Rooms are being sealed at most locations, including thi one. Meaning, there are at least 2 locations with sealed safe rooms, and at least one, which does not have a seald safe room.

The first location, the one in FNaF 1, and the sister location, have sealed safe rooms. The second location, the one in FNaF 2, does not have any sealed safe rooms.

The tapes in FNaF 3 are from the first location, as the safe room is sealed. It is one of the 2 locations with sealed safe rooms. The other would be the sister location, which, had no springsuits, due to being transferred to a different location, and becase of the incidents. The appropriate location had an open safe room so they could fix the spring suits.

The FNaF 2 cutscenes occur on the first location, and it is in the past, not in the future. The reason why Scott used the FNaF 1 models instead of making old models is because the FNaF 1 models, which I will refer to as original models, are entirely different from the old models of FNaF 2.

The newspapers mentioned that the original characters are kept. By original, it could refer to the original models, not the old models. They look very different than the old models. Why have such redesign if they are only going to repair them?

There are arcade machines in Fazbear's Fright, and those have the design of the original characters. An as we see in the Safe Room, there are arcade machines. These rooms were sealed way back before, so this means, those original characters already existed way back before. 

And, I'm saying, there might be 2 Golden Freddies. That is why they have different designs. Springtrap is not from the ister location. He's the Spring Bonnie of that location. 

How do i say he is not from the sister location? Because the Shadow animatronics, who were thought to be the entertainers of the ones who died on the incidents at the sister location, haunts the second location. They haunt the place because the suits that killed them are there. 

Here is a summary: 

The first location have the original animatronics. The second location have the old and toy animatronics. The sister location have different animatronics we have never seen.

The original animatronics are different from the old animatronics. Springtrap and FNaF 1 Golden Freddy are from the first location. FNaF 2 Golden Freddy is from the second location. And the sister location suits are in the second location, being kept, and we have not seen it yet.

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