Buy Balloon Dress! It is purely hand-made out of 100% chosen silk, cotton, and fiber from trusted farms! It is guaranteed to make you beautiful and fancy! It is the century's fashion right now! 

Buy it now! It is originally $20.00, but there will be a discount of 50% for those who will buy it within this week!

Please call 369-963-1987 for more details, or check out for more information!

But wait... Is the dress Blue and Red or Blue and Purple? The first 100 to guess will win a free Balloon Dress! Text: Balloon_Dress_<Blue>and<color> to 1987 or go to  to vote for the dress' color! It's your chance now! Buy it now!

Wait! There is another contest! Buy 10 dresses, and you'll get the Balloon Beanie, Brown Wig, Purple/Blue Contact Lens, Yellow and Red striped Balloon, and Balloon Sign! It's your chance to get the Balloon Collection!

What are you waiting for? Go grab your money and buy the balloon dress!

(c) Fashion Balloon

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