My Top 10 Thoughts About BB:

1. I think Olaf's voice would fit him. I actually made an artwork of BB having Olaf's body on my dA. You can check it out.

2. BB is so annoying in-game. Like, what the hell, he messes with me and my flashlight. 

3. I really like him, even though he annoys me. He is so cute, and, he is neat.

4. BB is cute, but also scary as Phantom BB.

5. BB is fatter than Toy Freddy.

6. "Hi! I'm BB and I like balloons!"

7. Turning BB a real human would be horrible. No eyebrows, and brown eyelids and nose.


9. Why the fuck did the staff make him so fat? Toy Bonnie is the only new animatronic with a right body. Toy Chica and The Puppet are too slim, Toy Freddy and BB are to fat.

10. BB's voices, when slowed, sounds like a man.

P.S. No inhaling please that is bad for BB. Devouring is much better.

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