If you don't want Gender Shit, then ignore this blog. This won't entertain/interest you, anyways.

You probably have seen Mangle Gender debates popping up again on the recent blogs. There are 2, actually.

Now, I have a question. Why do some peple try to stop others debate about Mangle's gender? I mean, it's not their business, why should they care. 

As a wiki, we all want the right, correct information about these things, big or small. 

I'm particularly seeing the "No one cares about Mangle's Gender" comments mostly coming from the ones who hang out on the Fun and Games or Roleplaying boards. No offense, but, has this wiki turned into a paradise of roleplaying and games? 

I'm not saying that these things should stop. What I'm saying is why are they preventing something important? An information? Why? These questions are not focused to all roleplayers. These are focused on the ones saying the gender wars should stop.

Look, Mangle's Gender is pretty interesting. Aside from the fact that me and Arts-Waifu have constantly debated before, we also gain more evidences. And the fact that Scott hides Mangle's gender makes it more interesting for me.

What's mostly running this wiki are roleplays and games. Most of the time. General Discussions? A bit rare. It's not like all of us have the same tastes. Just because you like roleplays does not mean I also like roleplays. 

You are trying to stop something, because you say it is everywhere, when you are doing things which are really everywhere! Roleplays are nearly everywhere, and most of the time, the recent threads are all roleplays. Mangle's gender isn't everywhere. If it was, the roleplays are still literally everywhere, and there are more of them than these debates.

So, why do you keep on stopping these debates? Why not just ignore it?

P.S. I'm not hating on the roleplayers and roleplays, I'm asking why do they hate something just because it is everywhre when what they are doing is literally everywhere. 

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