I saw the new teaser image and i have a few teories about it.

  1. What is written on the background is Nightmare. You can see, it's written "NIGHT" on the top and "MARE" at bottm.
FNaF 4 Teaser 2 bright
  1. It's not Springtrap, because:
    1. Springtrap has great part of the left ear missing, and the Nightmare Bonnie doesn't.
    2. Sprintrap doesn't have sharp teeth and tips on the fingers.

I think it will be the same as 3, an horror atraction. These are the old Animatronics in a "Scary" way. We already have Freddy (teaser 1) and Bonnie (teaser 2). Now let's wait to see Chica and Foxy. Also, as it's written nightmare, i will call that type of Animatronic as Nightmare.

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