Miss icyfox

aka Icy

  • I live in 'MURCA
  • I was born on May 3
  • My occupation is a full on dork
  • I am a nonbinary pal!
  • Miss icyfox

    Im gone

    October 18, 2015 by Miss icyfox

    Nothing more is here for me

    I will see you all never

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  • Miss icyfox

    using a ganster translator i have goten some ganster fnaf songs

    origanal fnaf song by the living tombstone:

    Us thugs waitin every last muthafuckin nightto finally roam n' invite newcomers ta fuck wit usfor nuff muthafuckin years we've been all alone We forced ta be still n' playDa same joints we've known since dat dayAn imposta took our game awayNow we stuck here ta decay  Please let our asses git in!don't lock our asses away!We not like what tha fuck you thinking We skanky lil soulswho have lost all controland we forced here ta take dat role We've been all aloneStuck up in our lil unitSince 1987 Join us, be our playaor just be stuck n' defendafta all you only got  Five Nights at Freddy'sIs dis where you wanna beI just don't git itWhy do yo…

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  • Miss icyfox

    Might leave

    April 25, 2015 by Miss icyfox

    Every things gone down hill

    no one rolepays anymore

    chat is gone

    some of my friends are gone


    idk where the freddy tomboy went

    piko the pony i havent seen in a while

    and nobody aclollages me any more

    i think im gone

    no , really

    tasty bascon strip went and im doing the same

    goodbye , my online family


    Edit: I've seen what a friend leaving can do to people, it happened to me , and the only way to fix it , is to come back. I won't leave.

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