At fredbear's family diner the marionette child was killed there (by the purple man) he found the spare puppet animatronic and possesed it. Maybe at that time or after that time BB's child was killed and possesed what we know as "that one most hated animatronic on earth". Four new animatronics are created during the time, when they are introduced and golden freddy springtrap are put out of commision. The purple man takes the now broken down golden freddy suit and lures 5 children into the room where the're killed. The puppet having had a similar fate took pity on the ckildren and put their souls into the new animatronics. What about the fifth child? the puppet couldn't find a animatronic for him so he possesed the closest animatronic by himself: golden freddy having possesed the animatronic by himself he had more control over it and could leave the robot at will. Sadly that didn't help him to pass into the spiritial world. The new animatronics angry at life took revenge on the pizzaria that took their lives. five nights at freddy 2 came and the children were replaced. What made the toy animatronics go evil? Fritz smith, he had tampered with the animatronics so that they went crazy (fritz is also my #1 suspect for purple man, because of reasons i will explain if u like). Fnaf 2 is shut down and the possesed are back in the spotlight. Stuff happens and the pizzaria is *sigh* once again shut down. But purple man had left something behind acomputer program named shadow freddy, shadow freddy could only be seen by robots the animatronics and, your camera the invisible-to-us program lead the animatronics to their demise because they couldn't enter the safe room. All but golden freddy who managed to get out of his animatronic. First why would the purple man decide to take apart the animatronics anyway? so he could dispose of the dead bodies that somehow (he doesn't know) got in there. The child of golden freddy startles him; he hadn't been expecting a fifth (he only saw four animatronics all those years) that causes him to freak out thinking that he's being punished for his crimes. *pause* r u getting bored yet? if not let's continue hte chidren still not passed on take the form of phantoms. Why phantom mangle is a thing i have no clue. and then you have to do the minigames in order to release the children happily ever after. But what about bonnie's soul I think he is stuck with the purple man's soul battling over control thats why springtrap attacks you and goes after the sound of a child. the end. i hope u enjoyed :).

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