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 PC Master Race, sometimes referred to as Glorious PC Gaming Master Race, is a tongue-in-cheek term of superiority for PC gaming used among gamers, and is most often used to compare PC gaming to console gaming. Origin and usage In recent years, game enthusiasts and journalists have argued over which gaming platform is best. The term was first used in 2008 by writer Ben Croshaw in the online gaming magazine The Escapist in which he video-reviewed the role-playing game The Witcher. Croshaw explained that his initial intent was to poke fun at an elitist attitude among certain PC gamers as a sort of ironic joke. The term caught on explosively, but often with a different meaning than originally implied by Ben Croshaw, now as an expression of pride to be called a PC gamer and being part of a group where users viewed their platform as superior to video game consoles due to its many capabilities and advantages. While The Escapist continued to popularize its usage in later installments, writers in more mainstream computer-related and gaming-related publications tended to avoid using the term because of its negative associations. The growing adoption of the term led to websites with variations of 'Glorious PC Gaming Master Race' in their internet addresses, as well as promotion by Valve Software, which sells digitally-distributed game software and updates through their Steam platform. By several accounts, the term has become an internet meme. The term is a launching point for debates about the relative popularity of gaming platforms. A report by Julian Arenzon in the New York Daily News suggested that digital distribution of games to personal computers is becoming more prevalent within the gaming community, and that there has been a trend away from physical game systems as well as physical disks to be read by optical disk drives. Reviewer Paul Tassi in Forbes suggested that in the platform battle, PCs had an edge because they were a "necessity" for everyday life while consoles were a "luxury" costing hundreds of dollars and only featured a few applications.

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