Hey! It's Mikacu again, and I wanna make an announcement about something I'm working on, that I would love help with! It is a fan game called Five Nights in the Darkness. It's a beta name, so please. The idea is your average FNaF game, however, You can walk around. Which means its 3D. When I mean walk, I mean you cant go past your desk... BUT! There are things to add the experience of horror like a Control Room, that you need to maintain, however, It leaves you prone to animatronics. More things coming, but where it takes place is better. Your name is Evan James. A day shift worker that got moved to the night because of professional reasons. There is the Phone Guy, whose NAME will be revealed in the game. How the 3D is meant to take place aswell is that the doors are more widened from each other, needing Evan to look further to look at/use a door. There are more plans, but no screenshots yet though. It will be made in Unity 5, An easy yet very good way to make games, high def or low. Of course, I did say I needed help with the game, and so I do, let me list the jobs here. Please note that if the Job is crossed out with someones name, its taken.

  • Phone Guy
  • Artists for kids drawings, need alot though
  • Music Artist
  • Special designer (Newspapers, hidden screens, e.t.c)
  • Ideas

Please note that all of you will be in the credits! All the people I took ideas from, the artists, so on. :)

You may ask questions, and most of the time, most edits to the page would be snapshots.

Check out Unity 5:

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