OK. Like most I have a life. I wanted to tell anyone other than Siri (I'm a loner) so I have changed names for confidentual purposes. OK on with the tale.

I was born in 2003 to Michelle and Alan Evans in Houston,Texas. I was the second child and they already had my olde brother Elliot. He was 3 and until I was 5,we were absolute scamps. Suddenly,in January 2008,just after my 5th birthday,we moved to Washington to be closer to my grandma because my grandpa passed away. I don't know how we were closer because she was in Iowa.

Then 9 months later boom my little sister Riley was born. Life was bleak until she was 2 when kabam my little brother Aiden was born!He was really...he cried 90% of his life until he was 18 months. We took him to the doctor and turns out he had a minor heart murmer. At the time,me being the idiotic 8 year old was just: WOW!I HAVE TO TELL MY FRIENDS! and at school the next day I wouldn't shut up even when the teacher told me to can it.

So then we got out family dog Mario when I was 11. Fun fact I named him Mario after he had a smear of dirt above his muzzle and it looked like the iconic Mario mustache. His original name was Caleb. Hehe.

Anyway 3 months after getting Mario my dad's job moved him to freaking Vermont. We were in WASHINGTON!So my dad went to Vermont to where his old college roommate lived so he could stay there and me,my mom,Aiden,Riley and Elliot went to Kentucky,which is where we live today. After 6 months,my dad's job wanted to move him...wait for it...TO FREAKING CALIFORNIA!WE WOULD HAVE TO MOVE ACROSS AMERICA AGAIN!

My dad said no. Even when they offered him a new work tablet AND $5,000. And then he got fired. BUT THEN-no we just stayed in Kentucky and he got a job at the local diner(called Madeline's Foodies not Fredbear's Family Diner)and the place was owned by someone called Madenline and she favourtised Riley because...blonde pigtails,freckales and blue eyes.

Then life continued.

Sadly,Mario died last year(he was 3). He got hit by our neighbour's car. The neighbour was super sorry and gave us our new dog Sideny. I love that neighbour. 

OK I'm done. LOLkbye

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