• Mayageorge24

    FNAF night 5

    April 17, 2015 by Mayageorge24

    I am stuck on night 5 of five nights at freddy's 1. my strategy is to only check the cameras foxy is in (pirate cove) and the right hall corner, which is right by your door. only check those two cameras. if you see small white glowing eyes, that is freddy. if he is in the right hall corner, then close the right door, because he can get into your office very quickly. when you hear freddy's laugh then it is safe to open the door. if foxy isn't in pirate cove, then shut the left door becuase you don't have time to close the door when he comes to your room. when he is back at pirate cove then you can open the door. check the cameras quickly and use as little power as you can. check the lights often and if either bonnie or chica are there then …

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