After a lot of trying, I finally did it. I rekt Five Nights at Fuckboy's.

Five Nights at Fuckboy'sEdit


Show Stage Camera: 4000 HP

Alpha Party Hat: 100 HP

Beta Party Hat: 400 HP

Gamma Party Hat: 1200 HP

Omega Party Hat: 2400 HP

Backroom Camera: 5000 HP

West Hall Camera: 6000 HP

East Hall Camera: 7000 HP

Restrooms Camera: 8000 HP

Pirate Cove Camera: 9000 HP

Supply Closet Camera: 10000 HP

East Hall Corner Camera: 20000 HP

West Hall Corner Camera: 30000 HP

Dining Room Camera: 4000 HP

Golden Freddy: 50000 HP

The Puppet: 80000 HP

Toy Bonnie: 30000 HP

Toy Chica: 35000 HP

Toy Freddy: 40000 HP

Mangle: 50000 HP

BB/Puppetmaster: 160000 HP

Five Nights at Fuckboy's 2Edit


Show Stage Camera: 4000 HP

Streamer α: 100 HP

Streamer β: 500 HP

Streamer γ: 1200 HP

Streamer δ: 3000 HP

Streamer Ω: 6000 HP

Main Hall Protection Hat: 1200 HP

Party Room Protection Hat: 2200 HP

Kid's Cove Protection Hat: 4000 HP

Office Protection Hat: 7000 HP

Game Room Camera: 5000 HP

Prize Corner Camera: 6000 HP

Main Hall Camera: 7000 HP

Parts/Service Camera: 8000 HP

Party Room 3 Camera: 9000 HP

Party Room 4 Camera: 10000 HP

Party Room 1 Camera: 11000 HP

Party Room 2 Camera: 12000 HP

Kid's Cove Camera: 13000 HP

Left Vent Camera: 20000 HP

Right Vent Camera: 30000 HP

Office Camera: 40000 HP

Splash Woman: 11000 HP

Withered Foxy: 9000 HP (Recruiting Mangle)

Withered Bonnie: 40000 HP

Withered Chica: 45000 HP

Withered Foxy: 50000 HP (Recruiting Foxy)

Withered Freddy: 60000 HP

The Puppet: 50000 HP

The Second Puppet: 150000 HP

Freddy (Secret Boss): 140200 HP

Bonnie (Secret Boss): 140600 HP

Chica (Secret Boss): 217800 HP

Foxy (Secret Boss): 223400 HP

Golden Freddy: 999999 HP

BB: 150000 HP

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