This is what could be salvaged from a video of a police interrogation, as the video was largely distorted. What happened on this tape is still a mystery haunting police, even 30 years later...

*start recording*
Police Officer: This is an interrogation of ******* ******, who has been found guilty of
the murder of * children. Okay *******, why did you do it?
*******: Where are they? They're coming... I know it...
Police Officer: What the hell are you talking about?
*******: Can't you hear them? They're coming... What's that? Did you see that?
Police Officer: *on phone*...Yeah, this guy's a nutjob. I'm afraid we'll have to bring 
Dr.  Shears in. Okay, roger that...*hangs up* *******, we're bringing in Doctor William
Shears. He's not as nice as I am... We gave you a chance... Don't say I didn't warn ya...
*Dr. Shears enters*
Dr. Shears: Get out of here!
*Police Officer runs out*
Dr. Shears: Why'd ya do it man? Tell me now, or things are gonna get... rough.
*******: Don't hurt me... I didn't mean it... *unintelligible mumbling*
Dr. Shears: Okay, I didn't wanna do this...
*Dr. Shears pulls out syringe*
Dr. Shears: This is a chemical that puts your brain in a state where you can't lie.
*******: Don't, don't, don't... I'm not ready... I wanna live... I didn't wanna do it...
*Dr. Shears injects ********
Dr. Shears: So, I'm gonna ask you again... Why'd ya do it?
*******: They... they weren't children... They were demons...
*large shadow appears behind Dr. Shears*
*Dr. Shears turns around*
Dr. Shears: Jesus fu--
*Dr. Shears is being torn apart by roaring shadowed figure*
*******: I have to get back...
******** runs through door*
*Shadowed figure roars and runs after *******, leaving Dr. Shears dead*
*end recording*

Upon further inspection, the shadowy figure appears to be someone dressed in a costume from the family restaurant, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. ******* was never found, and Dr. Shears's body mysteriously disappeared.

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