His homicidal tendencies to kill night watchmen is so contagious
Vaccines have been created for it.

Years ago, he built a pizzeria out of blocks.
Today, over 5 night guards work there.

He is the only bunny
To ever not wear a red bowtie.

Every time he goes for a swim
He malfunctions and has to be reset.

Night watchmen have asked him
To watch them on the cameras.

If he were to give you directions
You'd wind up in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
And arrive 5 minutes after 12:00.

His legend precedes him
The way jumpscares precede being stuffed into a suit.

He is... The Most Interesting Bunny in the World.


Blank: [1]
Springtrap Head: [2]
With Hat: [3]

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