It has come to my attention that people dislike debates. The question is why. Why don't people like them. As a wiki shouldn't we be trying to strengthen it other. Debates to me create activity on the wiki but most people don't want that. I hope that the people who don't like the debates can eventually learn to not read them. I am done with the Mangle is Female debate but there are so many more I can write about. Similar to Elliot editing other people the posts will be not accepted by some members of the community but will be a worthwhile experience for all people to enjoy. If we cannot learn to engage in other ways then the wiki will turn into a wiki of posts and spam that lacks information on it. The minute that happens the wiki will loose the core value it was created for as a information site were members of the community can come together and talk about improving and possibly removing if necessary. Debates stimulate this and help us to think of a situation from another direction. We don't want the wiki to dismantle itself as it would destroy a well formed wiki started with a general purpose or goal. Everyone has its own opinion but the role-players who argue against them must stop. I don't go to the role-play blog and tell you to stop role-playing dispute how ridiculous it might be why should you come to me and tell me to stop writing blogs. We have turned into a community that turns on each other and reports each other over the little lest of things. Why do people argue with Eliot when he is trying to help people with information that is wrong, why do people argue with Homura when he bans people for reasons he saw fit, why do people moan at me when I'm trying to stimulate the wiki, why is arguing necessary. All this does is dismantle the wiki and create a divide between us. This divide has the potential to destroy the wiki which is not something that is necessary. If you look at the Cod wiki or the Sims wiki they are prosperous and successful because it is composed of members who respect each other and who allow its members to contribute. Now I know this could be seen as a moan but it is a plead to all the people moaning about them to stop. Why must we vandalize the wiki pages, why must we force the admins to quit and why must we argue with each other. I will never deserve the position of respect I know but I will fight hard to earn it. I may argue and splatter and be annoying but I am never going to vandalize people. To do so lacks respect and values we should maintain as a wiki. These values I wish people would have. If we are to develop as a wiki we must respect each other and stop arguing. We must stop complaining to good members like Elliot, myself, Eagle,Jillips,Dexterwolf, SpringyBoy, Taz and many more to stop editing the site. We must stop biting the few people willing to keep this wiki afloat and we must stop spamming each other and hating each other. Hate is a evil force and it has the potential to destroy us. It is not necessary to have. So from me I am asking people like Enragement Child, The light of Crusader and many more to stop arguing with us. This is unnecessary and not required



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