Mangle has two heads. This is something that many people right now would say duhh towards as it is obviously seen as you play Five Night's of Freddy's two. I'm not saying that I have never seen the head before ( else I would be blind towards my favourite character ) but it is something that I  am interested in writing about. Many people think that I write on gender debates ( true ) but I also write on other topics. Just out of curiousity does anyone think that the head is a parrot you know beacuse Foxy is a pirate and Mangle is the toy version of him just a little thought. The head though looks a bit creepy towards me and makes her character more epic in my opinion with the bare exostkeleton she has and her mangled look

Anyway what do you guys think of the head. Is it a parrot or something else. Please comment on what you guys think it might be.

Thank you for reading


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