Hello I am just curious to ask is PG stupid, incompetant and does he mess up the anamatronics genders. I'm curious about the stupid as he always says the words uh beacuse he is unsure of something which is something I am curious about myself and he stutters beacuse he is anxious. Also he creates theories that never help the specific player which is why I think he is incompetant as he gets killed by possibly Freddie. The reason he messes up genders is beacuse he mistakes Mangle for male and also refers to all the anamatronics as either he or they is he incompetant or something. He also doesn't seem to know the look of the anamatronics or any of there names at all which is something I'm curious about

Anyway those are my facts which states that PG is stupid, incompetant and messes up anamatronics genders



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