Hello everyone my name is Mangletyg and welcome to a Darytyg123 blog

I currently haven't uploaded on in a while so I decided to upload on now

This blog is on why Mangle is my favourite character

As a lot of you guys know I love the Mangle

I don't specifically know why but I do

I love how she climbs on the ceiling in the game

The reason is because it adds to the creepy factor

And on top of that it makes her look bada**s in my opinion

The second reason why I love her is because of her Mangled look

Her look is unique in a way and that makes her stand out to me

The final reason at least for this blog why I like the Mangle is

Because of the music she plays

It is mysterious and cool

So anyway that is my reasons why I like the Mangle

Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed



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