There has being many debates on Mangles gender but the question I'm curious on is why. Why do people think she is a girl. I don't mean to step on peoples toes or anything but I'm curious to just ask that question

Lets begin with the facts. First of all Mangle colour is a stereotypical femanine look. I know many people state it's beacuse she is a clown but lets face it. Why would Mangle be a clown when her counterpart Foxy is a Pirate. The justification is too hard to states and it's far fetched. If Mangle was a clown I think Foxy would be called Foxy the Clown Fox. The toy versions reflect there predecessors and as a result it is impossible for Mangle to be a clown

Secondly the lipstick Mangle wears. In the late 1980's males would never wear lipstick as it was not appropriate attire so the only logical resoning for Mangle to wear lipstick is that she is feminane. I know many males wore pink but did any of them wear lipstick in the cartoons that is yet to be found

Thirdly her manicured nails. I know Chica doesn't wear lipstick or manicures but she doesn't have a permanent beak or nails. Mangle does. I know many people state it was put one her but if you look closely you will she it is metal not paint so it is part of her custome not put on her.

The Fourth argument is that Mangle is a cross dresser but think about 1987 would parents really take there children to a cross dresser when gay rights were heavily contested back then I don't think so at all.

Fifthly Mangle has excessive blush on her cheeks similiar to Chica. I know Bonnie and Freddy also have blush but it is not excessive and there colours are masculine not feminine where Mangles is feminine.

Also why does Mangle have maskera if she is a male. I know Bonnie has Maskera but Bonnie is a bunny so it looks natural Mangle is a fox so it doesn't look natural

Lastly PG confirmation. Did PG ever use the word she. I never thought so. He always refers to the anamatronics as either he or they so if you justify your argument on that then is it really valid.

Thats just my opinion and I hope you all liked



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