Part 0

Part 2 So, here's part one! It probably sucks. I'm terribly sorry if I didn't portray you accurately.

The sun had set hours ago. The only remaining color was a thin strip of dark purple on the horizon. Paradox sat on the balcony, waiting for midnight.

Jillips approached him from behind, his face was bright in comparison to the gray suit he wore. A simple tap on Paradox's shoulder before he absquatulated back into the mansion.

Paradox turned around and watched at the last of Jillips slipped back inside. Defi came out through the door Jillips had just passed through. "I would'a thought the wait'd be more interesting," Defi said, leaning on the railing. "I dunno. Maybe some brighter colors? Red?"

"What?" Springy asked, peeking out the door. "I don't see any red. All I see is purple," He took a step onto the balcony.

"Yeah. Purple on the horizon. Kind of prosaic if you ask me," Demo said, joining the others. "Needs green. Bright green."

"Prosa-whatsit?" Defi asked.

"It definitely needs to be brighter. And fancier," Jillips said, barging back onto the balcony.

"Prosaic. Not interesting," Demo responded to Defi, ignoring Jillips.

"Oh..." Defi said, "Well why didn't you just say so?"

"Because fancy words are fancy!" Mangled cut in, walking onto the balcony behind Jillips. Mangled wore a blood red dress, the bottom of the skirt swished and thrashed about as they walked. "Anyways, who's ready for the part- Wait, why is no-one dressed for the party!?"

Awkward looks were traded around the group standing there before Jillips piped up with, "I'm ready."

Mangled face-palmed. "I know you are... I meant of the others. We can't have a party if most of us aren't ready!"

So the ones that were not ready filed back into the mansion, leaving Mangled, Jillips, and Paradox standing there.

"I'm excited for this," Paradox said, to break the silence.

"Me too," Mangled and Jillips replied in unison. Both looked at each-other, then burst out laughing.

-- To Be Continued --

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