This is the story behind a roleplay about to be made (or already made, depending on when/if you read this), but could also be read as a stand-alone short story. It is in no way canon, so don't bite my head off for that.

Fazbear Entertainment had finally given up. The owner of the chain looked at the red line on his budget books and cried. A dream had died, and nearly killed him and his family along with it. With a gun to his head, he uttered a prayer; his last. A knock came from the door, and the gun fell to the desk. "Who-Who is it?" the portly man asked hesitantly.

"A visitor..." came a woman's voice from the other side. She sounded worried, as though the unnamed visitor had threatened her. “He said he needs to speak with you urgently, sir.”

The man cleared his desktop, pushing his gun to the side. He wiped the sweat from his brow before calling, "Send him in."

The door creaked open, and a tall, impeccably dressed man strode into the room. An air of success followed him, but also something sinister. “Good afternoon, Mr. Bearins, lovely day, isn’t it?” He asked coolly, looking first out the window, and then at the shorter, rounder man in front of him.

“Y-Yes, lovely day.” Mr. Bearins said quickly. “What can I help you with, Mr. uh...?” “Nerastro. James Nerastro.” The tall man said, taking a seat in a chair much too short for his long legs. “I come with business in mind. I understand you’re having some difficulties with... money?”

“I, uh... Why does it concern you?” The owner asked, flustered.

James smiled, leaning forwards in his chair, and putting his briefcase on the floor. “Because I want to make a deal with you. I understand you own several broken, unused animatronic characters?”

“Yes,” Replied Mr. Bearins, “Why do you ask?”

“I want to buy them,” Mr. Nerastro said, leaning back in the chair, “How does... Five million for the lot of them sound to you?”

The rotund man choked. The number was insane.

“Of course, if this isn’t to your satisfaction, I could just leave,” James said, beginning to stand.

“Oh, no no no. Please. Stay. We can definitely do business.” Mr. Bearins said, scrambling to grab a pen. “How much did you say?”

“Five million.” James said, standing up and walking over to the desk. He put a piece of paper in front of the other man “I take it we’re already in agreement that this is acceptable?”

“Oh, yes.” The owner said.

“Then sign here,” Mr. Nerastro said smoothly, pointing to a line on the document. “I’ve already taken care of the rest of the paperwork. All I need is your consent.” Mr. Bearins signed on the line, grinning.

“Now... When can I get those animatronic characters off your hands?” James asked, hiding a smirk as he swiped the paper off of the desk. “I... I have a moment now, if you do. We just have to go to the storage.” The short man said.

“Oh, that would be wonderful. We’ll take my car.” The tall man offered. The two left the office, the shorter of the two first. The taller one lingered just a moment longer, smiling. He grabbed something off the desk before he followed.

Some time later, the two had gotten to the storage, and loaded the animatronics into Mr. Nerastro’s car. Mr. Bearins heaved a sigh of relief as he wiped the sweat off his brow. He said, “Well, now all we need to do is take care of that payment.”

James came up behind Mr. Bearins, and covered his mouth. He put Mr. Berins’ own gun against the shorter man’s temple, and readied it to fire. “It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”

Mr. Bearins was too shocked to move, and as James pulled the trigger, he had no idea what was going on.

James dropped the now limp body, and stepped back from the bloody mess. “Consider yourself paid in full,” he said as he crouched down and put the gun in the stout man’s hand to make it look like suicide. He turned around and walked back to his car. He closed the trunk, climbed into the driver seat, and drove off.

A year or so later the animatronics re-awoke. Now slaves to the man who had bought them.

EDIT: Since at least a few of you seem to like this, I'm going to write the intended storyline out when the rp inevitably fails. So, expect at least a few more parts to this story here in the blogs.

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