Note: This has been updated.

Here we commemorate the greatest contributors to ever grace this wiki. Members will be voted on based upon the influence they've had on the wiki, their contributions to the wiki, and their overall success on the wiki. If you work hard, be diligent, and have a little patience you just may see your face here one day. Good luck!

Current InducteesEdit


vern, our beloved and fearless founder. He is the maker of the Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki after it was transferred. He's one of the most influential editors, and has been here since forever. He may be intimidating to talk to at first, but once you get to see the side of him being an administrator here, he's actually pretty chill.


The second-in-command. Being here since the start of the wiki, Nightmare was the second-in-command. He is a nice guy overall, and is pretty calm when you talk to him through chat. Through PMs, we have our moments. Nightmare was the one who promoted me to Rollback on August 27, 2014, believe it or not. Nightmare is one of my best mates on the site, and always will be. =)

Honorable mentionsEdit

Here's where people from the comments have said about different editors. See here for all of the suggested people, but not have been put in the hall of fame yet.

You are the nicest person on this wiki (My opinion cos i dont really talk that much to admins)

You are a great coder

You help people in need

You show the way to go


You rule

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