• MLG Doritos

    Theory 01

    April 2, 2015 by MLG Doritos

    NOT FINISHED, STILL ADDING PICTURES This theory is about what on as of 1/22/15, now read the disclaimer towards the top of the site, so just keep that in mind. Also here is the picture:

    Now when you download/save it, it will be called, “whatcanweuse” so what does this mean? Well I am going to try to answer this later on but for right now let’s just observe

     As we can see, there are a bunch of different parts of the toy animatronics, also some old ones. Now what I mean by that, is if you brighten up the image a lot, now I mean a lot, (thanks Conner for pointing this out) you will see old Foxy’s hook hanging out, also it is believed that the eyeball cupcake, AKA Carl, is right next to balloon boy’s head.

     Now you might think that…

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  • MLG Doritos

    DISCLAMER, READ THIS SECTION NOW! this site, as you have seen is a THEORY site, not actually true, now here is the disclaimer: I don't have a clue what FNAF 3 will be like, it might change how the timeline that the community has made, also if something new comes out in FNAF 3 that ruins my theory, don't send me emails or anything saying, "that you were wrong" or anything like that. also if you have some good criticism on how I can make this theory site better, let me know by sending me an email here:, now enjoy my theories!

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