aka Commodore Edward Jerome Hyde

  • I live in Ocean City MD
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is Security
  • I am Male
  • Lysdexic-Eddie

    I've made alot of the statements here before, and I'm going to make them again. the newest teaser, following the nightmares, and the hat and tie, is the jaw and upper torso of an animatronic, and by screwing with the source code, and processing a seemingly meaningless jumble of letters into a "cypher", it gives you the supposed name, fredbear..

    Okay, getting deep here, folks. Fazbear entertainment is a children's establishment, why would they make something clearly unsafe?

    Well, this can be cleared up easily, all of the "nightmare" animatronics appear to be in a withered state, even "Fredbear" looks worse for wear. given this, we can kinda assume that this game takes place just before, or just after five nights at freddy's 3.

    Several of the t…

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  • Lysdexic-Eddie

    Hey folks, it's Eddie here. I usually swing by in the evening hours of thursday night into saturday morning, and generally just lurk in the chat. Granted, I'm not notoriously known here, but some of the people here who lurked in the chat system with me definitely know my name.  Generally speaking, I really only came here originally for research for a cosplay I'm making of foxy, and to find information for my friend's cosplays, but I made an account to talk in the forums, and innevitably made my slow and steady creep into "the office" as it were. My first interactions here were legendary, and I only wish I could go back to those memories, be they only a couple months old by now. The people I've met here have been anything but horrible, very…

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