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  • LogicalAnalyst47

    I will continue to believe that the bite of '87 was not a literal chomp out of a person's brain until we are given conclusive proof. I will continue to insist that it was an extreme blow to the company's finances. And I will present my case for the unfamiliar faces.

    1. In FNaF2, it's noted that the company spent a "fortune" on the toy animatronics, and pointed out shortly afterwards and on later nights that their programming has been tampered with or is incomplete, such as no proper night mode or "they just... stared." This would naturally cause large safety concerns, giving cause for the company to close the location, discontinue the toy models, and squander their costly investment before the week is over.

    2. Continuing with FNaF2, in the n…

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  • LogicalAnalyst47

    This whole thing with Net Neutrality is pretty messed up.

    For those who don't know, the United States' FCC has basically announced that they plan to kill Net Neutrality in the next three months. This basically means that internet service providers could control the speed of internet flows for users in the United States.

    Now, I'm aware that the wiki is diverse and has plenty of users outside of the United States, like our dears Blonch and Fadded, but this is still a concern for you. If Net Neutrality is killed in the United States, what's stopping other countries from doing it and following suit? After all, if one superpower is willing to limit internet, surely it's a viable option.

    The answer, of course, is that it isn't. This is my attempt t…

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  • LogicalAnalyst47

    Recently, I wrote a short story in about half an hour for something on another forum I use, and figured I'd post it here because why not? If people like it, maybe I'll write more, on different subjects.


    The Clayshaper

    What does a child do? They run, jump, and play. They move actively, like gears in a great machine. But they also cry, and smile, and hurt. They know no bounds, curious for knowledge, eager to see, their minds drifting in each and every direction, filling the cracks and gaps in the unforeseen future, inspiring them, until they one day do great things. 

    Every child knows this to be true, a secret hidden from society in the deepest, darkest, most hopeful parts of their hearts. So it is not difficult to imagine…

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  • LogicalAnalyst47

    Sorry to steal thunder from other artists, but I've been practicing my drawing lately, so I'll take requests, and get to them in a timely manner.

    No creepy R34. Please.

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  • LogicalAnalyst47

    The Bite of '87

    November 5, 2016 by LogicalAnalyst47

    So right now, everyone's freaking out with FNaF theories. Purple Guy, dead children, baby, William Afton, springlocks, crying children, sister, brother, stuffing, psychic friend fredbear, Ennard, soap operas, popcorn, exotic butters, purple eyes, silver eyes, casual bongos, ugly lamps, sour bongos, wrong turns, mini maps, the '83 house, child cameras, invasion of privacy, scars, springsuits, eggs benedict, angsty teens, pictures, dreams, plushies, nostalgia, the box, and the main story as a whole. 

    So for right now, I'll be (trying) to bring you smaller side theories about FNaF that, while they don't play any real impact in the story, are still something I'd like to discuss and bring up. The topic today? The Bite of 1987.

    I'd like to start b…

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