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    Gf And Shadows

    April 30, 2015 by Loganator007nm

    There Are Two Purple Men Pink And Purple. Pink Man Is In Golden Freddy. (fnaf 1 Or Fnaf 2) Every one refers to golden freddy as a single entity even known there are two fnaf 1 and fredbear/spring freddy golden freddy. as for the shadows they are the souls off the purple men. Shadow bonnie for springtrap and shadow freddy for golden freddy. The souls only come out when the suit is inactive. pink man tried to kill purple man by leading the animatronics he  did this because is feels gulity for the murders or to free the souls of the chidlren

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  • Loganator007nm

    It Would Of Killed Purple Man Before He Was Even Able To Kill Anyone (or im completley wrong )

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