I just hope it's not a guy checking cams and closing doors for 36 hours. They should incorporate that in the story, like 40 percent night guard and 60 percent lore.  I also want Scott to reveal the truth. You know what I'm talking about, Scott. I know who Purple Guy is. He's the cupcake. Think about it, who ALWAYS comes back? And how come the cupcake is only an Easter Egg in FNaF 3? Because he's stuffed in Springtrap! The reason he's purple is because he used some spare parts from Bonnie to create a humanoid purple robobt that he used to kill the children. I also hope that the animatronics are CGI, or maybe actual animatronics. Anyway, as long as tha film keeps tp the lore, and includes Purple Guy (AKA Cupcake) getting killed and the souls being freed. Because the feels factor will be over 9,000.

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