Lewis the Cute Pirate Fox

aka Lewis Chapman, Foxy fanboy X3

  • I live in In Pirate's Cove
  • I was born on April 29
  • My occupation is being a chubby cute fox
  • I am not fat, just really fluffy
  • Lewis the Cute Pirate Fox

    Adware is now getting worse for me and it's now squishing up chat for me... I'm trying to fix the problem as badly as I can so I can get the chat to not be squished... *sigh* Meaning I won't be able to go on chat until the problem is fixed...

    If I'm able to system restore then I'll restore to yesterday so the chat won't be squished... 

    Sorry if you will miss me...

    edit: I just had to opt out of the service... chat is now normal for me, but adware still roams my cpu, so I will be on chat again

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  • Lewis the Cute Pirate Fox

    I've noticed a lot that the rate limit on chat helps but it is annoying. I was in a private chat room with Toy Foxy 2.1 and I got kicked for rate limit, TWICE. I know that it helps stop spammers from spamming but even then it doesn't help. Spammers just have to wait for 2 seconds and then spam again and keeps doing it to avoid the rate limit.

    At least disable the rate limit for private chatrooms but extend the rate time for noted spammmers. There should be a system that can note down any occasional or frequent spammers and extend their rate limit time.

    Put down in the comments below if this system needs to be made or not and whether rate limit should be disabled for private chatrooms.

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