So, I saw BFPfilms stream it and... It was amazing. I cannot lie. The monitor was like FNaF3's monitor, Except it could be pulled up anywhere. The maintenance panel could be pulled up anywhere to, And it had different things. View Animatronic, Reboot Light System, And door lock system.

Lockjaw's movement was also showed off a bit. Sugar was turned into a light as seen in that hallway outside your office. Kitty Fazcat looked all tore up. Bonnie was rotting not only his suit, But his color.

BFPfilms also confirmed there were 2 murderers in TRTF timeline. One of the murderers was in the Lockjaw suit.

But what amazed me the most was the office. You can almost make a 360 turn in the office. But also, BFPfilms confirmed it would come out today.

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