(Meanwhile at the admin base)

Phsycobilly: (Insert billy spazzing her hands on the keyboard progamming Spooky's House Of Jumpscares)

TheBaldEagle: Billy pls respond

Jillips: No she has drunken too much soda-

(Lebunnie crashes into the admin base)


Jillips: kk

(DMBYV2 is revived as DMFBY)

DMFBY: ok lets go

(Lebunnie and DMFBY leave the admin base)

TheGuyNamedTom: I must rekt every skrub faster

TheGuyNamedTom2.0 has automaticly been asigned to XxX_FISH_WARRIORS_XxX

TheGuyNamedTom: Lets git to rekting

MangledmeddlingmetalV2: Who will rebuild our base

(Gjlewis appears)

Gjlewis: for just 9999999 dollars i will rebuild this base

Mangledmeddlingmetal: kk

(Gjlewis rebuilds the XxX_MLG_BLUE_TEEM_XxX base)

Gjlewis: k done

Good DemopanV2: tiem for the loose cannoning

(Good DemopanV2 launches a loose cannon cannonball but fails)

Good DemopanV2: Crap

DMFBY: found you skrub

DMFBY (Insert quickscope rifle here) MangledmeddlingmetalV2

MangledmeddlingmetalV2 has automaticly been asigned to ded

Springy BoyV3: must rekt dat gud demopan

Tyrannosaurus dude11: i shall rekt u before u rekt that gud demopan

Tyrannosaurus dude11 (Insert MLG weapon here) Springy BoyV3

Springy Boy V3 has automaticly been asigned to ded


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